Origina imagines, designs and manufactures high-style, contemporary lighting at our integrated production facility in Toronto, Canada. Our passion for innovation, along with our skilled craftsmanship and technical expertise come together in an outstanding collection of illuminating products that promise the ultimate in form, function, quality and reliability.

Origina is recognized for our creativity, artful engineering and meticulous production process, which is evident in every beautiful luminaire we produce, whether for a large multi-unit run, or custom order of bespoke statement pieces. Our lights are more that simply utilitarian, they are decorative objects that enhance living and working spaces.

Established in 1970, our mastery is evident, as the vintage designs we produced decades ago remain iconic classics. There is no truer testament to the timelessness and quality of our products. What differentiates Origina is our enduring commitment to manufacturing superb quality products made in Canada, that illuminate, inspire and last a lifetime.